The Quarter Life Crisis

It’s August 22nd and this week I handed in my notice at work. 

It’s a surreal feeling. I’m gutted to be leaving my team who I adore, trepidatious for what’s to come as I embark on my freelance career, but mostly excited for the next chapter to begin. 

I love change. I prefer it to routine. It motivates me and pushes me, and right now I’m twitchy to get out of my comfort zone. 

I’m probably also having a quarter life crisis (yes, as anyone in their 20’s will tell you- ITS A THING), albeit one that I’ve dreamed of for a long time. 

My career is in food- I’m a Leiths'-trained chef, recipe writer and food stylist and have worked on some amazing magazines. I count myself incredibly lucky to do a job I enjoy and food is one of my biggest passions. But to be honest, it doesn’t touch the sides of the biggest passion in my life, which is, and always has been, showjumping.

Ever since my parents took me to Olympia for my birthday, years before I got my own pony, all I have wanted to do is jump enormous fences and canter around the arena in a winners rug. They sat in the stands alongside me, blissfully unaware of the plans their horse-obsessed daughter was making, and the bankruptcy which awaited them. 

Fast forward about 15 years, and the dream that little girl had is about to come true. If you had told her that one day she would be loading her one special little horse onto a lorry for the journey down to Oliva Nova for her first international competition, she wouldn’t have believed you. 

And her poor parents would have had a bloody heart attack. (Sorry mum and dad!) 

I can’t quite believe it to be honest. We’re still at 1.20m level so won’t be flying round Grand Prix just yet- but I’m so looking forward to learning so much whilst I’m out there. I’ve already seen the pictures on Facebook of the morning rides along the beach, and during that 3 weeks I’ll be watching some of the best in the sport, and spending every day learning from an incredible team who I am lucky enough to be tagging along with. 

I can’t even begin to think about how much I need to organise, buy and pack before we leave- and during that time I’ll be starting to set up my new business, as well as working full time over two bumper Christmas magazine issues, living in London but commuting to Milton Keynes twice a week to fit in riding- and  finding enough time to get both of us fit and ready. Which is a task in itself... 

My initial realisation is that I would rather have two new pairs of breeches than pay the astronomically expensive membership in the City-knob gym my boyfriend frequents. I went on a trial day with him this week and hated every second of it, all three floors full of grunting men and ridiculously skinny women. But something tells me future Liv will thank current Liv when she wants a nice slim pair of white breeches in 2 months time... so it’s hello gym membership, goodbye carbs 👋🏻 (which could prove tricky when we start testing roast potatoes and Christmas desserts next month..) 

I cannot begin to thank my parents, and my coach, Caroline Wilks, enough for this opportunity. I have dreamed about jumping abroad for as long as I can remember and to finally be going, with an awesome little horse and the most incredible team to learn from whilst I’m there- is a dream come true. 

For now, it’s time to pop open a bottle (of low-calorie prosecco ofc) and toast the new chapter- however scary that might be! 

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