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“Like wearing nothing at all..”

Today feels very much like a Monday. The Monday-est of Monday’s. In fact, it’s the Tuesday after bank holiday and I’m sat on a very early train headed back into London for a shoot with work.

To make things worse, I’ve got a horrible cold (Zoe asked how when it’s been so blinking HOT). I’m feeling a bit burnt-out and relieved that it’s just a 4 day week to get through- more so because we fly to Greece for 10 days of blissful holiday on Saturday.

I’ve not had a week off in nearly 8 months and I’m definitely ready to sit on a boat for a week and think about nothing but swimming, eating and reading.

I should probably think about packing my running trainers and doing some exercise whilst I’m out there- but last year I was training for a half-marathon whilst on holiday, and despite that, due to the heat I managed just one run... so I’m kidding myself if I think I’m going to fit in any more this time around- particularly without the motivation of a half-marathon looming. Alas- my arms should get some exercise from all the drinks I will be lifting to my lips throughout the week.

I did go to the gym again this weekend - again with my boyfriend, Will, and again, it was pretty horrible. We discovered I have no hamstrings to speak of (despite having ‘thunder thighs’- thanks mum) which Will found particularly entertaining whilst I was balancing on (read: falling off) a ball whilst doing hamstring bridges. 2 days later and the aches and pains (Will calls them Doms, I asked him who the hell Dom was?) are kicking in and I look like an absolute loon when I walk. Apparently you have to keep this gym thing up if you want to see results. I’m sceptical to say the least.

Yesterday Team Gin and Jumping took an outing to Cherwell for the last day of their 3 day show. We love it there- it’s such a lovely venue, the surfaces are fantastic, the warm up is good and everyone is very friendly. Plus the prize money is not too bad either!

Zoe popped her lovely little mare Freeway (and Billy’s girlfriend/fieldmate) round the 90 open for a win. Having not been out since the start of June, I took Billy in the 1.05 and 1.10 for a low-pressure jump round- he was a superstar as ever, jumping two lovely double clears for 2nd in the 1.05 and 7th in the 1.10.

It was incredibly hot and we were relieved to have finished jumping by lunchtime. However it was the perfect day to debut my lovely new Alessandro Albanese jacket from Horseware. They are amazing jackets- made of a mesh-type fabric that’s incredibly light and breathable- like wearing nothing at all. Having always ridden in, and been completely wedded to brown (brown jacket, brown boots, brown hat, brown gloves, brown tack, brown horse... the lot) I was apprehensive about trying a new colour as they come in just navy, green, lighter blue, grey, black and burgundy. I saw a few people wearing, and loving them in the blazing heat at Wales earlier this year so decided to give one a try- and decided burgundy would be the least disruptive to the rest of the colour scheme. (I can’t be buying a new hat, boots, gloves AND horse to match the jacket now, can I...?)

They are such good value in comparison with other jackets on the market, and I’m looking forward to wearing it in sunny Spain (almost as much as I’m looking forward to missing 3 weeks of British winter- suckers 😜).

So after a weekend of hacking and jumping, Billy’s enjoying a day or two in the field, chilling out. Oh to be a horse. Meanwhile I’ve got a few bits to plan before I go on holiday, including booking our stables for the Wales Derby Show at the end of September. We love Wales and West, and Zoe and I are taking dads tiny campervan, and our little 3.5T lorry and using it as an excuse to have a girls weekend away.

Better start stocking up on gin then!

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